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Case Management
Carlisle Medicals experienced case managers excel at coordinating effective communications to assure compliance with appropriate treatment protocols. We provide cost-effective methods to facilitate an injured worker's timely return to gainful employment.

Case Management Services:

  • Catastrophic Management
  • Task Assignments
  • Pharmacy Consultations
  • Legal Nurse Consulting

Carlisle Medicals suggests the following guidelines be considered when referring for case management services:

  • Loss time
  • Excessive treatment without significant improvement
  • Multiple physicians
  • Surgery
  • Catastrophic injuries (amputations, burns, head injury, spinal cord injury)

Carlisle Medicals case managers are board certified registered nurses.

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Please contact Carlisle Medical at 1.800.553.1783 for an explanation of these extended benefits, and let us begin Making a Difference for your company today. >>
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